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Kubena Farms is a family owned and operated produce farm. We take pride in growing a wide variety of quality vegetables and fruits. We believe in only selling fresh produce that we would put on our own table. Kubena Farms is located out of Seguin, Texas.

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San Antonio’s FIRST Indoor Local Market!  Every Wednesday!

The place where Chefs (restaurant or home) can learn about and directly purchase the best local wholesale/retail foods available. Free samples from several of the best artisan food purveyors in San Antonio. Also hot meals will be sold from local restaurants on occasion.  Chefs receive 10% off of pre-orders and orders placed and picked up at the market.

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Nourish the body and soul by bringing the healthiest local foods directly to our customers while using the profits to support our community’s greatest needs.


Healthy Eating Made Easy– In an age in which our lives seem to get busier and busier, its only makes sense that people will eat the foods that are the most convenient to access. We aim to integrate the farmer’s market experience, which has traditionally been reserved for special, infrequent trips into the everyday fabric of life. Just because your life is busy doesn’t mean you can’t eat the freshest local foods available.

Local Focus- Most our food is sourced from local farms and food producers. By using local foods, we ensure optimal freshness for our customers; getting food from the farm to the table as fast as possible. We source from outside of TX, only when the supplier meets our quality standards.

Optimal Quality- Because we believe in the power healthy diets can have on quality of life, we have high standards. Our goal is to sell the highest quality products we possibly can. Quality is defined as freshness, taste, nutritional value and appearance. Even though we are a social enterprise, the quality of our product is never to be confused with “food pantry” model. We carry the best, not whats left over.

Supporting our Communities Greatest Needs– We aim to make a difference in our community’s greatest challenges by driving profits and awareness to them. Helping people with great needs is hard enough. Helping people, while raising money is even harder. Our desire is for our non-profit partners to have more time to carry out their mission and have to spend less time groveling for dollars. Additionally, we will give special consideration to hiring people that need a second chance in life. We will also offer on-the-job training for people experiencing homelessness, helping them to gain valuable experience that prepares them to re-enter the workforce.